Engineering Design & Detailing.
Foundation and Concrete works

Engineering Design & Detailing

Once a project is signed with TMC, the Engineering Department takes charge of schedules and commitments for smooth work flow from the estimating, to design, approval drawings and detailing. All Engineers are proficient in engineering concepts and software; MBS, Staad-Pro, AutoCAD and Tekla. Besides our in-house programs that enhance the progress of the projects, thus leading to “value engineering”. Foundation and Concrete works Alike all reliable steel construction companies, TMC provides the anchor bolt plans and technical information your foundation engineer and contractor need to plan the perfect foundation for your steel structure. This allows your foundation to be poured and cured in advance, so construction can begin immediately when your steel framing arrives. Unlike our counterparts, TMC provides you with an all-in-one solution for your metal building needs. This means that we are here to help our customers from start to finish. Our team of trained professionals have years of experience with turn key steel building erection projects as well as a variety of other metal building construction projects to provide you with the best possible service.

They are best qualified to determine the specifics for using, perimeter walls, piers, concrete slab for metal building foundations. Furthermore, the following criteria is included in our Structural engineers’ selection of foundations for steel buildings:

any additional stresses placed on the building, such as by howling storm winds or ground-shaking earthquakes. We offer and supply locally and worldwide the most appropriate foundation systems for steel buildings including but not limited to:


TECHNO METAL CONSTRUCTION (TMC) SAL is one of the leading steel fabrication companies in Saida- Lebanon. We deliver a whole range of experienced and dependable steel manufacturing and fabrication solutions for clients globally across industries and sectors. Our mission is to lead the industry in Steel innovation by using world-class fabrication techniques and a professional team for the best results. We go the extra mile by using quality, high-grade steel for all our projects and ensuring that your project fully complies with the safety code and customer requirements. As a leading steel fabrication company, TECHNO METAL CONSTRUCTION (TMC) SAL has gained a reputation as one of the most trusted steel fabricators in the Middle East region and Africa. All our services are in-house, including design, procurement of raw materials, steel fabrication, and installation. We are known for our excellent skills, affordability, quick turnaround time, and reliable delivery. Our team works on end-to-end Steel Fabrication Services, taking care of everything from cleaning, cutting, shearing and cropping, straightening, bending, and rolling to welding, fastening, and finishing as well as providing various surface treatments for your structural steelwork. TECHNO METAL CONSTRUCTION (TMC) SAL has one of the best Steel Fabrication Facilities in Lebanon, helping us meet our client expectations and deliver high-quality products and services worldwide. Our facility covers over 11,000 Sq. m. of plot area including 9,000 Sq. m. of fully covered and insulated area, and we can produce up to 10,000 Tons/Year. The other driving force behind our innovation is our expert team and dedicated workforce who help us bring life to your dreams and imagination.

At TECHNO METAL CONSTRUCTION (TMC) SAL, we offer a wide range of services and products to meet the demands of all our clients. We aim to provide low-cost, high-quality services to our clients everywhere. Our steel fabrication services include:

Painting & Fireproofing:
Quality up to the finishing touch Painting process of steel structures is very important since one of the weak points for steel is corrosion.

TMC give sensitive care about the painting process to manufacture best product for its customers.

Furthermore, we apply sand blasting according to international standards and customer requirements. TMC is well equipped to carry out sand blasting, high-performance coatings and painting of small and large components. We offer a wide range of single or multi-layer technical coating systems which adhere to all international specifications and are designed to handle whatever your project requires. Whether you are looking for corrosion resistant, solvent-free for your steel structures, we offer the coatings to keep your structures secure even in intense weather conditions and extreme temperatures.

Hot dip galvanization process also can be applied to the structural steel With TMC Solutions

Export /Shipping to Jobsite

We move our development to different geographies.” Over the years, TMC has exported its steel buildings in about 20 countries around the world. Having its main office located in Ghazieh (Lebanon), a branch office in Abidjan, and a large network of partners, TMC buildings can be shipped anywhere in the world in a timely manner. With our Road Transport, Air Transport, Container and Partial Transport services, your products are delivered to the buyer in the fastest and most reliable way. Picture TMC engineers make it their business to keep up to date about existing building standards in each country. They ensure to respect existing design criteria while adapting the methods of installation on site.

At TMC, we believe your ambition should be limitless. Our team’s goal is to supplement your plans with our vast knowledge base and steel expertise. TMC’s erection team is comprised of highly qualified and well-trained site engineers and erectors. The team has completed more than 500 projects in Lebanon, Middle East & and Africa. Our support guarantees your project new possibilities and the satisfaction of surpassing all expectations. Your experience with us is a top priority. Early on you will be comforted by our desire to thoroughly comprehend your explicit needs. When we are certain of a clear understanding, our team will submit drawings for your approval.

Upon approval, we will assign a project manager dedicated to the coordination of all site activities with departments at TMC. Rest assured that communication from our team will be consistent and seamless. Our Steel erection process includes: Establishing the foundation based on project needs. Picture Lifting and placing components into position Picture Aligning the structure and packing in the connection. Picture Secure and impart rigidity to the frame. Picture Steel is our core passion. We believe it’s the backbone of every structure. We understand its science and are able to wield it as artists. Our conversations will breathe life into your plans. Together, we will create limitless realities.